Our Story

Experience matters – and we’re happy to leverage ours to help your company move forward. Our story started with building Zywave, an insurance software company, from the ground up. This insight helped us understand what it takes to grow a business. We learned that earning the first million in revenue is different from what it takes to earn the next 10 million – and, after that, the next 100 million. It took grit and persistence to reinvent what we did and how we did it – everything from building a product, creating sales and providing customer service. We knew we were on to something when the same techniques worked at other high-growth companies like Advicent, Trintech, and RainKing. It led us to a formula for success we’ve since used to help more than a dozen other fast-growing companies maximize their earnings.

It’s our experience that allows us to cut to the chase and get to work. We’ll roll up our sleeves and work side by side with you to decide the right buttons to push to transform your business. Throughout the process, you’ll collaborate with our most skilled and qualified staff members – all with proven track records of providing the boost companies need to successfully grow their business.