Transforming common sense into common practice.

We provide technology companies with a disciplined, process-centric approach that increases revenue, drives operational excellence, and increases enterprise value.

Business Operations

Take the next leap

Bottom line efficiency and top-line growth are not mutually exclusive ideas. The techniques used to take a business from $0 to $10M in revenue are different than moving from $10M to $100M+. We have navigated these waters before and will show you how to scale every aspect of your business.

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Sales & Marketing

Drive your top line to new heights

From sales segmentation to pipeline management to commission models and activity-based management, we have honed the systems and processes you need to turn your sales organization into a consistent, revenue-producing machine.

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Product Development

Build products that propel you

From product innovation to process management to coding, scale, and delivery, we have proven techniques that will improve your ability to efficiently deliver products your customers will love.

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About SilentBoost

Meet Jim Emling, Founder and CEO

Creating enterprise value and operating efficiency takes smarts, experience, and most of all deliberate action. After rising from the founding CTO to president of a large SaaS technology firm, I went on to lead multiple liquidation events that created over $1.5 billion for shareholders. I founded SilentBoost to share my 20-plus years of expertise with companies looking to make the next leap. I've teamed with proven business leaders to deliver tangible results that will drive your business to new heights. We'll work as a silent partner with you to boost revenue, improve margins, gain efficiency, adapt quickly and achieve sustainable success.

Our Story